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We are unique! We function as both a manufacturing agent in China and new product development company. We take concepts and turn them into ready-to-sell manufactured products.

Product Development

Bring products to market rapidly with minimal upfront investment.

DFM Analysis

It's important to confirm that all products employ today’s design for manufacturing techniques.

Project Managment/QC

We understand managing new products and quality control.


Compliance is not something you can afford to get wrong. Start early and do it right.

Are you ready to get started?

If you have: A solid product idea – Market research – Channels through which to sell your product, then let’s talk!

We are an experienced manufacturing agent in China.


We will consider anything that is new, challenging, and that will require effective teamwork and oversight to make it a success!


We work with multiple agents and shipping companies that offer competitive freight and shipping rates.


Anyone considering a business relationship with a company in China should take a few minutes to learn about the risks involved.

Bold Statements Backed by Results

STAK strongly believes in the concept of putting our cards on the table.

In a nutshell, we connect entrepreneurs in the United States who have a viable concept, with manufacturing facilities in Asia. If you are an inventor with a great idea – while you may be in the early stages of phenomenal success, if you have not progressed beyond conceptualization, we are likely not a good fit.


What We Do

STAK is a stand-alone China/Hong Kong/Taiwan-based manufacturing and product development company. While many firms purport to provide the best formula for connecting U.S. manufacturers with Asian production facilities, STAK maintains offices in both the United States and relevant Asian markets to ensure effective and timely communications. Typically, we are able to accelerate the entire production process schedule well ahead of our competitors.

STAK offers custom-tailored product services including:

  • custom sourcing and manufacturing
  • product development
  • engineering support
  • project troubleshooting
  • product design analysis

Our engineering and manufacturing team regularly designs new products and solutions from scratch, as well as completes final development on existing concepts and designs. The key strengths of our team include our physical presence on the ground in Asia and our adaptability to quickly finding and implementing solutions that ensure success.

We have an established track record of delivering impressive results with dramatic time and cost savings to our clients. If you need products and want to save serious time and money, please get in touch. If it isn’t a good fit for our team, we can usually recommend an alternative!

How We Do It

All of our current clients are the result of referrals. Those alone are responsible for the fact that we generate over $10 million in sales annually. Since STAK has a strong presence in both the United States and in Asia, we are uniquely positioned to connect American entrepreneurs with appropriate manufacturers in the Far East.

All of our manufacturing partners have demonstrated a propensity for developing tier one quality at a price that is typically 80% lower than comparable American firms. Take a moment to think about that…


STAK is directly responsible for the growth and development of multiple success stories.

Read their stories on our testimonials page as they relate their experiences working with us.

"When FireAvert started working with Pete, he did a few design tweaks and was able to get the cost cut down to a third of what the original quotes were." -
"Our sales have now gone from zero to 80,000 units this year. It would've been a much rockier road had we not worked with Pete and the product would not be as good as it is." -
"Any company that's just starting out and wants a real manufacturing partner that is personable, has great service, and just gets things done, STAK is definitely that partner." -