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Workman Interview Snippets

“When FireAvert started working with Pete, he did a few design tweaks and was able to get the cost cut down to a third of what the original quotes were.”

“Our sales have now gone from zero to 80,000 units this year. It would’ve been a much rockier road had we not worked with Pete and the product would not be as good as it is.”

“Any company that’s just starting out and wants a real manufacturing partner that is personable, has great service, and just gets things done, STAK is definitely that partner.”

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Nielson Interview Snippets

“At this point, if we have a new design that we hope to introduce in the future, that also has been developed by STAK’s team.”

“The heater, the lamp, and several of the products have actually been co-developed with Pete’s team. And that’s why they’ve been such a valuable partner to us, as we haven’t had to come up with everything on our own and then go shop it out.”

“And they worked hand-in-hand with our team and our developers to propose solutions to come up with very competitively costed solutions, which has been the sugar on top that’s made me happy.”

“People come to me and say, hey how do I get stuff manufactured in China? You must be the expert. And I say, I’m not but I I know the experts – STAK.”

“At any opportunity I tell people STAK’s your team. Not only can they do what you’re asking, but they’ll probably help you learn what you are really after and help you get there.”

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