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Manufacturing Agent in China

STAK Services is top-of-the-line sourcing company. The partners live in China and speak English and perfect Mandarin Chinese. If anyone has ever done business in China, they know that communication is key. Charles and Peter are as good as they come. They are quick to respond via an app on your phone. They are very honest and they do high quality products. We have done one product with them and are now starting a second.”   

– Tyler Carson, President, Alignment Pro

If you are wondering how to find a good manufacturing agent in China, the operative words become, “in China.”

Far too many companies that claim to be an effective resource for connecting U.S. firms with Chinese manufacturing facilities, do not have a physical presence in Asia. The bottom line is, regardless of the progress we have seen with Internet communications, there is still no substitute for face-to-face contact.

When issues arise, and they always do, it is critical that you partner with a firm such as STAK that can meet directly with the manufacturer to address them. We become your negotiating team on the ground in China.

STAK maintains an impressive list of references and testimonials to help you understand the importance of retaining an experienced manufacturing agent in China.

Broken Telephone

Anyone who has spent time on Ali Baba (or any other sourcing website) or has done business in China is likely aware of the term “trading company.” Trading companies are a large part of the manufacturing economy in China. They can be a blessing and a curse for anyone wanting to source or create a new product.

For those who want products that are customized, trading companies are typically more curse than blessing. Although the factory landscape is slowly evolving, most factories in China are ill-equipped to deal with English-speaking clients, especially those who do not know exactly what they want.

Enter the trading company. Trading companies attempt to bridge the gap between factory capability and overseas customer needs. Although the trading company is typically much better with communication, they too are essentially a customer of the factory and are often not in control of the manufacturing process. They lack the authority and technical know-how to do anything more than basic product transactions.

For those ordering an off-the-shelf product, they can be effective. However, a custom design for any re-design is often beyond their capability. This leads to a broken telephone situation, where communication becomes ineffective. To make matters worse, trading companies often pose as the factory giving you the impression that you are receiving factory direct pricing. In fact, you are getting a marked up cost and the relationship becomes completely fragmented when things go badly, since you are not dealing directly with the factory. A bi-lingual manufacturing agent in China can eliminate these situations.

To the untrained eye, most search results on a platform such as Ali Baba appear to be factory direct. In fact, the majority of these listings are trading companies and the only way to learn the truth is to meet with the owners and management by visiting the factories.