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Until recently, STAK clients have come from previously developed connections and their referrals. From these sources alone, we have grown to surpass $10 million in annual sales.

We have now decided to expand that base and widen our access by promoting STAK on a professional website that employs proven marketing techniques. Oftentimes when people hear such statements, they have a tendency to become wary that a successful boutique firm such as STAK will lose the personal nature and genuine concern for client success that has been our hallmark since day one.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

STAK is determined to continue providing personalized and professional service directly from the company leaders, each with backgrounds as a design engineer.


Peter is driven by taking an idea, regardless of complexity and turning it into reality. He began his career in China working as a design engineer partner in a start-up company. Peter is an American, born in Kenya and has lived overseas for more than 24 years, including China, Nepal, and Thailand. He is most comfortable in an environment that is foreign to most people. In the business setting, Peter brings a powerful can-do attitude and is our driving force behind creating new opportunities with current and prospective clients.

At his core, Peter is a problem solver and can think quickly on his feet, finding solutions that create a true win-win-win environment – for clients, suppliers, and our own company. Nowhere is this more evident than in a new product launch where the stakes are high, the pressure mounts, and failure is not an option. Peter’s technical background and manufacturing engineering education along with varied work experience allows him to connect easily with non-engineers and explain technical details effortlessly.

Peter loves to travel with his family, take pictures, and is it foodie at heart. He has a passion for sharing new experiences and different perspectives with others, loves to tinker, and can always be counted on to fix things when they break. He enjoys cooking, road biking, and photography. He is always up for an adventure of any sort.


Charles thrives on his position as the element behind the scenes that brings a product from production to the market and into customer’s hands. Raised in the Washington DC area, Charles has been speaking Mandarin and immersed in the Chinese culture for more than 15 years. He began doing business and working in China in 2009. Charles is the linchpin that holds our company together. He is very easy to work with and accommodating, focusing on getting things done correctly without missing details. This makes him an invaluable resource when manufacturing overseas.

Charles has the incredible ability to roll with the punches quickly and come up with solutions on-the-fly. However, it’s his ability to leverage this strength and working with others where his performance shines. In a high-stakes business where small oversights and errors can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars, Charles’ oversight greatly reduces risk and leaves everybody involved feeling confident that things are being handled right, allowing clients to spend more of their time doing what they do well.

Charles enjoys connecting with others through conversation about culture and family through good food. Charles enjoys biking and traveling wherever he is with this family. He loves cultural experiences and is passionate about dim sum and Hong Kong Siu Yuk – if you aren’t familiar with it, Charles will treat you to a dish or two in Hong Kong!

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